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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Crew did his Trick or Treating at the hospital...

I absolutely positive there has never been a cuter blue monster roam this earth...

Quinn had a little pumpkin outfit but since she was almost a week late we decided to just let her wear the hat

Quinn Parker Goldade

Born October 30
7 lbs 8 oz
21 3/4 long

And a very excited Big Brother!

Yup, we're all pretty obsessed with her!

Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Recap (thus far...)

So...I'm a bad blogger...tell me something I don't already know! :)  Here's a quick peek at our 2012, so far...


Mom and Dad spoiled us all (except Crew, he got to spend a week with the cousins...) and took us to Mexico.  It was FABULOUS!!

At Tulum

The family and our tour guide, Nephi (yes, that's his real name) on our B OF M tour at Tulum
I was most comforted knowing Nephi didn't buy into the Mayan calendar ending in 2012...sounds like we might still have a few more years on planet earth...relief...I had been watching to much of the History channel right after the first of the year and was a little concerned... :)

How is this the only shot of Blair and I on the beach!?  Dunno...but it's sucky and that's it....we were having to much fun playing I guess.

And...we brought home a special little souvenir to remember our trip by...see February for details....


Anyone who knows me well knows I'm always down for a party...especially if I get to plan it...Crew's 1st Birthday was no exception.  Overboard?  Maybe, but he only turns 1 once! :)

Kind of a vintage circus theme...

Did not like his cake...

All his friends came to help him celebrate!

Yeah...we couldn't believe it either....
At the end of February we got this little surprise...
WARNING: Be cautious when traveling to Mexico...there must be something magic that defies all medical explanation in the water :)


March was a sad month...we had a very sick little boy.  Crew got RSV and got to have a sleepover on the PEDS floor at the hospital.  Luckily just 1 night of breathing treatments and lots of prayers and we went home late the next day.

Since we had a sick boy...1 year pictures had to be postponed...

Crew-1 year old!


Easter Time