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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well I was happy to report that "Marchstacheness" had finally come to an end...but then this happened! I call him Nacho! At this point...don't even ask! Thankfully this only lasted for a day...long enough for him to go to work and give everyone a good laugh. My prayers were answered and it came off the next day! It's nice to have that face back!
Could that be Doc Holliday? This is his "Well, I'm your huckelberry" face. My own real life Doc Holliday clone....I'm such a lucky girl!
(Yes...he used my hair wax to shape the ends)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Our newest obsession!

So...this year the Easter bunny brought Blair The Game of Life and I got Monopoly (thank you Fred Meyer for your buy 1 get 1 free before Easter). Well, we played Life one night and we're now hooked...mostly. Sometimes I have to beg Blair to play with me, but he usually gives in. And to date he's actually ahead in games won. In fact, after playing last night, we had quite the discussion about how the game is won. Blair never chooses to go to college, and I always do. You would think that would make a big difference but he always seems to draw great career cards (i.e. athlete or entertainer). Even if I seem to get a great career card (i.e. Doctor or lawyer) I always seem to land on the "Lose your job" space and then REGARDLESS of having a college education (and $100,000 debt from going to school) I end up drawing the mechanic card from the career card deck...the mechanic only makes like $30,000 a payday and there aren't to many pay raises for an old mechanic. With that's not so easy to win a game, let alone retire to the mansion instead of the poor house! We decided we were watching to much TV and not hanging out enough so this is our new answer. As much as we love Grey's Anatomy, The Bachelor, Private Practice, Dancing with the Stars, Deadliest Catch (starting in 2 weeks), The Office, My Name is Earl, CSI: Las Vegas, Law and Order: Criminal Intent and SVU, Rock of Love II (I'm almost ashamed to admit that one! But you gotta love trashy!), etc. I love more spending time with my hubby playing a game of Life! We haven't busted open Monopoly yet...Niether of us have enough time in the week!