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Thursday, May 19, 2011

1st Day of Daycare

On Monday May 9th I had to return to work...and it wasn't a pretty sight. I bawled my eyes out leaving my precious boy at the sitters and continued to be weepy through the day. BUT, Crew has the best sitter ever who loves him and takes such great care of him. Missy is the only reason I was able to make it through the week at work because I knew he was in such good hands and that he was getting lots of attention and loves. She kept me updated through the day which I loved and she bought me a recordable storybook so Crew can hear my voice through the day. Crew loves his Mis too! He always has grins for her in the mornings. Everyday gets easier at work but I'm realizing I'd rather be home full time...we'll see what happens in the future. I thought what I did at work was really important and a big deal...but it's nothing compared to my handsome Crew! He really puts things in perspective for family is really the only thing that matters all that much!

Baby Shower #4

My WONDERFUL and TALENTED bf Tiffany threw me another baby shower and can I just say...she out did herself. We both love party planning so I just couldn't get enough of what she did. Here's a little taste of how fabulous it was...

Fresh flowers (that are now making my living room smell delightful) and party favors...

Cupcakes, mints and more party favors...YES....I'M TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THE CUPCAKE TOWER....(I think I need one to add to my cake plate collection!)

FABULOUS food from Costa Vida...

Grandma lovin' on her favorite boy...

The Hostess with the Mostess herself! Thanks Tiff for a FABULOUS night!

And yes, Crew got spoiled again!!

1st Mother's Day

My 1st Mother's Day was so great!! It was a day I dreaded every year because it was so depressing and this year it was so happy! Plus, my 2 favorite boys surprised with a little something special...

I about passed out when I saw the famous blue box....I've always wanted to open something and see that little blue box...I think it's from watching to much Breakfast at Tiffany's. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! They did a great job picking it out.

(I loved it so much I picked out another one that would look great with it as a hint for my upcoming 30th Birthday...)

12 Weeks Old

What a little pimp! Here's our boy at 12 weeks....what a chunky monkey...and no, I can't get enough of those cheeks. I kiss on them all day!

Temple & Blessing Day

(one of the few pictures we got of the day at the temple...this was him when we got home, and he was done and ready for some jammies)

On April 30th we got to take Crew to the temple to be sealed to us. It was the most amazing, special day ever! He looked so handsome in his white outfit and he was such a good boy...I was praying he wouldn't be screaming! When we all got to be at the alter he was just looking from Blair to me and back again with a big smile on his face...I think he knew what was happening and he was so happy! Of course Blair and I were bawling our eyes out...but how do you not when the spirit is so strong? The sealer was my dad's mission president and it was so sweet for him to do the sealing for us. It was a pretty cold day so we didn't want to take Crew out of his carseat for pictures. We tried to snap a few but when we got home we realized they didn't work! I'm sick that I don't have any pictures from that day but I guess a picture really isn't as good as the memory I have and will have forever. I'm so thankful that my family is eternal and we get to be with Crew forever...we love him so much!

On May 1st we blessed Crew and it was an equally happy day! We had so many family and friends that came to support us on both days and we love and appreciate them all so much! Blair did an amazing job on his blessing and they said he was just smiling and looking at all the men in the are we so lucky to have such an amazing boy!? Again, for some reason we were slacking with the camera and this is one of the few pictures we got of the day!

Also, Ashley (Crew's birth mother) came to visit Crew on his blessing day! We were SOOOOOOO excited to see her! She feed Crew, changed his diaper and his clothes and just played with him. He was happy to see her too! We miss her now and can't wait to see her this summer!