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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Addiction is a dirty thing...

"My name is Nikki Goldade, and I've been a Twilight series addict for one month. I'm fully admitting now that I am in fact, totally and completely hooked on this drug I like to call 'EDWARD'...Thank you".

When my mom first told me about these books last fall that she was reading I was like "Really Mom....Vampire books....get real!" She talked me into reading them and now I can't put them down. I'm a little concerned as to what it may be doing to our marriage. Blair always asks me to put the book down so we can do something or just reply is always the same..."One more chapter". But then I get to the end of that chapter and I just HAVE to read the next one. Blair is also getting tired of hearing "Edward would never do that...Edward would never say that...Edward is AMAZING...I think I'm falling in love with Edward, are you going to have a problem with that?"

New Moon was also amazing, although I will say that I enjoyed Twilight a little more (probably because there was more Edward in Twilight). I'm half way through Eclipse and anxiously awaiting the release of Breaking Dawn. But before that date in August I think I may have to read them again....and let's not dwell on the fact that I've watched the movie trailier on YouTube about a MILLION times (roughly estimated).

Thanks mom for the great book suggestion....but this has gotten completely out of've created a MONSTER!