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Saturday, October 15, 2011

8 Months Old

He no longer wants to just sit by the doggy...he wants to eat it.

8 Months Old (and loves pulling those socks off to play with those piggies!)

3 teeth on top and 3 teeth on bottom

Survived 1st time stomach flu last week (who knew a little boy could poop that much!)

Not interested in crawling yet, even though we practice everyday.

Loves Lasgana and pretty much anything else he can get off our plates our out of our glasses (this kid has a love for Pepsi...just like his mommy did when she was a baby! first word was Pepsi...)

Happy October!

It just wouldn't be right to kick off October any other way.....Halloween PJ's all month long!!

I love the's my favorite time of year....and I especially love October and Halloween (and P.S. it's my birthday month and we celebrate all month long! :) )

Trip to Washington

At the Carousel at River Front Park (the green frog is the favorite right now...he goes everywhere)

Feeding the Geese...they'll eat right out of your hands!

At River Front Park in Spokane, WA

1st time meeting Great Grandma Huff, it was her 80th birthday so we went up to surprise her!

Crew got to meet his puppy Gibson for the first time! Gibson was good and just let Crew pull on his face. We can't wait until the house gets done and he can come back to live with us!

These 2 are going to be best buddies!

The Whole Fam Dam! (you would not believe the caos trying to take this picture!)


7 Months old (it's going way to fast!)

Likes sleeping on his belly...

Seriously, probably the happiest boy ever! Even when he had the stomach flu last week he was still smiling....through all the poop, still smiling.

3 teeth on bottom and 1 on top!


6 Months Old


25 lbs 12 oz

Loves his baby food

Has 2 bottom teeth

1st swimming trip to Lava Hot Springs

(you'd think in August everyone would be hanging out in the pool, but Crew seemed to be the big attraction!)

What Batman looks like after a long day of fighting crime

Loves the swing Granpa set up at his house in Burley!

(did not like being taken out of the swing to eat dinner!)

Having some dinner at Alex & Vanessa's beautiful Alta, Ut Wedding

Showing off his 2 new assets...


Ready for boating in Grandpa's new Malibu!!

Out favorite Summer Spot, the Burley Boat Docks

The Annual Fireworks Show (courtesy of fireworks smuggled across the boarder by Crew's G & G Smith)

5 months old


1st Trip to the Zoo with the Z's

1st Trip to Yellowstone

Enjoying stolling around Old Faithful

Crew and Old Faithful

I love my Peas!!

4 Month Photos