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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 21, 2009


1 baby Jesus doll: $3.00
7 costumes for Nativity story: $60.00
3 Burger King crowns: Free (+ a big smile for the guy at Burger King)
Watching the Sunbeams act out the Nativity story: Priceless

Getting ready...

The cutest 3 Wise men...

Our own little self made Bethlehem...what a handsome Sheppard! Way to step in at the last minute Bro. Goldade. I opted to be the Narrator.

Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem...(still not quite sure they really like each other all that much...they think each other has kooties).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas: Part One


I'm so excited for Christmas this year!! Who am I kidding, I'm excited for Christmas every year!!

This year I was a little behind with my Christmas didn't get finished until December 12th!!! My obsessive compulsive disorder was about driving me crazy thinking about the days ticking away and my trees weren't even out of the garage yet!!

I managed to drag all my (many, many) christmas decor totes upstairs one night. After unloading all the totes onto the floor, coffee table and couches I decided I was to tired that night to finish. I can't decorate right if I can't even think straight! Well, after a couple days of our house looking like Christmas decor had been puked everywhere Blair started to call me a hoarder. I managed to find time to do it since he was now referring to me as "Betty" (have you watched the show? She was a doozie.)

I got to watch Bronson one night while I was decorating so he got to help me. He helped me decide on the right place for everything. Can't you see the thrill in his eyes over all that Christmas decor!?!


The real meaning of Christmas...Man, I love my Nativity set.

My new BELIEVE sign...don't you just love it?!?! I do....

All our fun Christmas books and stories.

One of the reindeer lost his antler. I'm going to have to do some glue surgery.

Merry Christmas to you!!

Fall is my Favorite

Fall is my favorite time of year! I love to get all my fall decor out and plaster the house with it.

We had one of the best fall days this year when we were raking leaves in the backyard. We had them in a pile so we could bag them but I decided I needed to jump in them and relive the joys of childhood when we would jump in the leaves under our apple trees after dad had raked them up. Well, leaves aren't actually as soft as I remember them being. I nearly knocked the wind out of myself and then was attacked by my horse...I mean dog...I get confused sometimes because he's so big! This in turn started a huge wrestling match with B, Gibson and myself. To bad we don't have our own personal photographer because those would have been some great pictures!!

I was pretty proud of my cornucopia this year. I spiced it up a bit...

Happy Fall Ya'All!!

2 Turkey Days

This year Blair's parents came to visit a couple weeks before Thanksgiving so we decided to have a turkey dinner with them! Besides, can you ever eat to much turkey?

Hanging out with my favorite baby....Bronson is getting so big and fun. I'm lucky enough to get to babysit every once in awhile! I can't get enough of him!!

Before the feast at Garrett and Shelly's house.

Isn't that a beautiful bird? Garrett did a fine job smokin' his first turkey for our little feast.

Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures at my mom and dad's when we had Thanksgiving dinner there....we were to busy stuffing our faces!!

Dad's New Ride

Dad's new prized possession is his new cherry red Corvette! He's pretty excited about it and I thought it was pretty cool that Dad got to spoil himself a little bit since it always seems to be us kids getting spoiled.

This is a country road at 100 enough for me on the first ride!

He loves do I! Maybe someday I'll get to drive it!

October 28th & part of Halloween 2009

I turned 28 big ones on October 28th (My Golden Birthday!!) and got to spend some time with the family for cake and ice cream!

And no, we all don't dress in black all the time....we had just had our fam pictures done!

Knockin' on 30's door with tooooo many candles....

I only get one birthday wish a year so I had to make it a good one...

My birthday request this year was an easy one. I just wanted B to take me to dinner and the Michael Jackson movie "This is It".

Well, he took that request to the fullest. I was adorned with an MJ shirt, hat, wig, white glove, face mask and a "This is It" CD to add to my collection. Along with the goodies for the movie. What I didn't know was that we were going to have a special guest joining us for the festivities.

I had to do some MJ dancing after the movie cause I was all pumped up!

Hadyen was our special guest and she accompanied both B and I to the movie. She's a little rock star and I was so glad she came to help us celebrate. She also was adorned with MJ stuff and continues to wear her shirt proudly. ;)

Thanks bud for a great b-day!!

My other birthday request was a trip to the cabin. So we packed up and hit the road with my mom and dad for the Halloween weekend. There was some serious snow fall before we got there and we got stuck at the corner of Big Springs. Dad and B had to chain up to get us to the cabin.

Mom and I just sat in the warm truck and laughed at the boys. We couldn't believe how much snow there was already!!

The corner of Big Springs by Mac's Inn.

The weekend was spent eating, playing games, cleaning, eating, watching movies, eating, playing games, napping, laughing, eating and playing more games. I had a fabulous birthday this year!! Thanks family!!

Halloween 2009

We got to spend some our our Halloween holiday with the Larsen family carving pumpkins. Lucky for me Preston decided on the hardest pattern in the carving book. So, I can now officially call myself a Master Pumpkin Carver!!

We had a blast with the kids eating cupcakes and digging out pumpkin guts.

Here's the Larsen kiddos with their fabulously carved pumpkins! Blaker's didn't make it to the lighting of the pumpkins...she decided bed sounded a little more fun!

Preston had to try on his Vampire teeth....

And so did Reece.
Is she the cutest little vampire you've ever seen...??

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm having way to much fun with these things....

Send your own ElfYourself eCards


Update to come! Goldade Construction got a new computer but all my pics are on my laptop and its outta commission. Details to come.....

Monday, September 14, 2009

So Sad...


Today is a sad day for all us 'Dirty Dancing' movie loving fools! Poor Johnny Castle died today...his infamous line will live on forever..."Nobody puts baby in the corner." I'll always cherish the scene above. Yes, it's true, I've serenaded Blair with this song crawling on the floor before...I mean, how can you resist?

But lets be honest....this may have been his best work!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sleep over (minus the sleep!)

We had the Z's for a sleepover a couple weeks ago (they're the kiddos I used to nanny) and had a blast! We try to have them over every month or two because I miss them so much! This time we headed out to American Falls to do some fishing. They hadn't ever been but had some poles so they were pretty excited.

Getting a lesson on baiting their hooks...Zoe wasn't so sure about the worms at first.

Getting down the casting...She actually kind of had it by the end! And she was so excited that she got a bite but the fish got away, darn it! (B and I will take it to the grave that it was snagged on the sea weed!)

I love that toothless grin and I can't believe how big he's getting! Zachy liked the worms more than the casting...Typical boy!

What goes better with a fishing trip than ending the night sleeping in a tent!? I use the word sleep loosely...there wasn't much sleep going on! Lucky for me Zoe is a crazy sleeper and was all over our side of the tent! At about 2:30 am I decided I'd had enough of the great outdoors (in our back yard) and I packed up Zoe and we finished out the night sleeping in my comfy bed!

We love you guys! Can't wait until next time!

Take me out to the ball game...

'Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks'....well I ate to much of my chicken salad at Texas Roadhouse to enjoy some peanuts or crackerjacks but my love of baseball was renewed!! It had been so long since I'd been to a baseball game I'd forgotten how much I love the sport. Its so American!

We went to an Idaho Falls Chukars game on Saturday night. It was so fun! It was free baseball night so we both got a baseball, but we bi-passed the lines of little kids getting the players to sign their baseballs and headed for the stands. Its a pretty nice ball field for a local team.

Charlie the Chukar was getting everyone pumped up and ready for the game. The field looked so fun! The grass was green and freshly cut, the white lines were being done when we got there and dirt was all raked and ready to play!

7th inning stretch! We all got to stand up and sing "Take me out to the ballgame." The Chukars won and there were some really exciting moments at home plate with a runner coming in and the ball screaming in from outfield to the catcher who was getting plowed over by the runner! TO FUN!!

We loved it so much we're heading to another one in a couple weeks!