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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

We love our little Easter Bunny!!

Easter morning in his jammies!

After his bath in his Easter outfit...but he's not very impressed with his Easter Basket! He had a bottle and a nap on his mind...

Friday, April 1, 2011

7 Weeks into our Heaven on Earth

Tomorrow Crew is 7 weeks old and that's about the same amount of time I've been meaning to post! Turns out babies are a handful ( :) ) and I haven't stopped holding him and kissing him long enough to fill you all in! I think subconsciously I have put off doing this because I know I'm going to sit at this computer and cry my way through writing it because my heart is so full of gratitude! (Plus, I had oral surgery a couple weeks ago and the recovery has been brutal to say the least...) This little boy is the most amazing thing I've ever laid eyes on. Still after 7 weeks every time I look at him I get a little warm feeling in my heart and butterflies in my stomach. He is the light of our lives! On February 12 at 4:38am we got the call that Ashley was in labor. We hurried and got ready and packed and headed to Boise. We were planning on being in the waiting room when he arrived but when we got to the hospital Ashley asked me to come into the delivery room with her. I couldn't believe it and I was so honored that she wanted me to be there. Blair waited in the waiting room with Ashley's brother and uncle and I got to stand by her side, hold her hand, count her contractions and watch Crew enter the world! Words cannot describe the instant love I had in my heart at the sight of that big baby boy and the love that I have for Ashley watching her give birth. I couldn't believe her strength! I didn't feel like an outsider in the delivery room at all. Ashley's family was there but they felt like my family too. I made my way out to the waiting room to tell Blair he was here and I'll never forget the look on his face and the tears in his eyes. After hugging and talking with Blair for a few minutes I went back in to see Ashley and Crew. When everything was ok and Blair came into the delivery room I was actually holding Crew...and again...I'll never forget the look on his face. He was so overcome with emotion of love and gratitude and it was a beautiful little moment we got to share. We hung out at the hospital for a couple hours then we left to give Ashley and her family some time with Crew. My parents had come to Boise to be there for us so we met them for lunch and it was so fun pulling up at the Ram restaurant and showing them pictures of their first grandbaby and seeing their eyes light up! It's been so fun to see them be Grandma Jeannie and Grandpa Dave! Blair called his parents then too and it was so fun to hear their excitement! We went back to the hospital later that evening and got to go in the nursery and see Crew and we got to spend a couple hours with Ashley and her family. When we got to the hotel that night I couldn't sleep because every 30 seconds I was looking at his pictures on my phone! We got up that morning and couldn't wait to get back to St. Lukes to see everyone. We got to spend the whole afternoon with Ashley and her brother just talking, laughing and hanging out. We did placement at 4pm on Sunday February 13. It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life and again, I can't begin to put into words the feelings I was having. The love that we have for Ashley and her family is indescribable and we will never really be able to express the gratitude we feel for them. She gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever give. She gave me something that I will probably never be able to give myself...the opportunity to be a mother. I will forever love and adore her and we are so blessed that we get to keep in touch with her and maintain that relationship. We told her when leaving the hospital that we weren't going to say "Good-Bye", we were going to say "See you later" and that whether she liked it or not she was part of us now and would be forever! Crew is so lucky to have her and I'm so glad that he'll be able to know her. Crew Jameson is growing like a weed! He's already 15 lbs. and grown out of his 3 months clothes! I had to bust out the 6 months stash this week! I was a little sad to put away his newborn stuff already. He was this cute little Buddha belly and he's starting to get little rolls on this legs, arms and wrists...not to mention a double chin! He's the happiest boy though and is smiling at us now when we talk to him! He's eating 6 oz every 4 to 5 hours and he loves his bath in the mornings. At night he loves pajama time...we even have a jama time song we sing while getting jammies on! He loves when his daddy gets home and loves on him...I think he thinks his daddy is pretty funny because he saves some pretty big smiles for him. It's been so fun to watch Blair step into the role of daddy...I thought I loved him before but seeing him be a daddy makes me love him even more! He loves his swing and the birds on it that spin above him...he just gets a huge smile when he sees his birds! He'll take his binky if he's tired but doesn't really need it any other time. He did have a little bit of a milk allergy so he's on Soy formula now and loving it...although the diaper are a little bit scarier!! I honestly can't express how enamored I am with him...I can't ever get enough of him. And even though I'm tired at night, I love getting up and feeding him. I love the quiet time to watch him eat and talk to him. Crew is the best thing that's ever happened to us and we feel so blessed to have him! Cutest smile in the whole world! - 6 Weeks Old