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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sleep over (minus the sleep!)

We had the Z's for a sleepover a couple weeks ago (they're the kiddos I used to nanny) and had a blast! We try to have them over every month or two because I miss them so much! This time we headed out to American Falls to do some fishing. They hadn't ever been but had some poles so they were pretty excited.

Getting a lesson on baiting their hooks...Zoe wasn't so sure about the worms at first.

Getting down the casting...She actually kind of had it by the end! And she was so excited that she got a bite but the fish got away, darn it! (B and I will take it to the grave that it was snagged on the sea weed!)

I love that toothless grin and I can't believe how big he's getting! Zachy liked the worms more than the casting...Typical boy!

What goes better with a fishing trip than ending the night sleeping in a tent!? I use the word sleep loosely...there wasn't much sleep going on! Lucky for me Zoe is a crazy sleeper and was all over our side of the tent! At about 2:30 am I decided I'd had enough of the great outdoors (in our back yard) and I packed up Zoe and we finished out the night sleeping in my comfy bed!

We love you guys! Can't wait until next time!

Take me out to the ball game...

'Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks'....well I ate to much of my chicken salad at Texas Roadhouse to enjoy some peanuts or crackerjacks but my love of baseball was renewed!! It had been so long since I'd been to a baseball game I'd forgotten how much I love the sport. Its so American!

We went to an Idaho Falls Chukars game on Saturday night. It was so fun! It was free baseball night so we both got a baseball, but we bi-passed the lines of little kids getting the players to sign their baseballs and headed for the stands. Its a pretty nice ball field for a local team.

Charlie the Chukar was getting everyone pumped up and ready for the game. The field looked so fun! The grass was green and freshly cut, the white lines were being done when we got there and dirt was all raked and ready to play!

7th inning stretch! We all got to stand up and sing "Take me out to the ballgame." The Chukars won and there were some really exciting moments at home plate with a runner coming in and the ball screaming in from outfield to the catcher who was getting plowed over by the runner! TO FUN!!

We loved it so much we're heading to another one in a couple weeks!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bryce's 30th Birthday!

The Birthday Boy!!! Happy 3oth Bryce!!

Bryce wished with all his might for a Cajun BB-Q for his birthday and....POOF! It came true! Only because he has a very fantastic wife who put on an amazing spread for everyone.

55 LBS of Crawfish overnighted from Louisiana! It was a mountain of crusty deliciousness (for a sea food lover...I just stuck to the potatoes!)

The birthday crew at the Bybee family cabin!

P.S. Those are empty shells of what once were happy go-lucky crawfish!

Blair was diggin' in...poor guy doesn't ever get seafood or fish cooked for him cause I can't stand the smell...I guess I should let him choose Red Lobster a little more.

The crawdads came complete with Mardi Gras beads...don't worry...we just divied them up no one had to flash anyone! ;)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Uncle B and Auntie Nik again!

He's here!

Bronson Connor Goldade was born on August 4th around 2:30 in the afternoon to Blair's brother Garrett and wife Shelly. He weighed 6 lbs. 2 oz. We're so excited to be the fabulously fun Aunt and Uncle who can spoil him rotten then send him home! ;)

Proud and very tired Parents!! Congrats guys! We love you all so much!

Auntie Nik! I keep looking for excuses to go over and hold him! He's super tiny!

Proud Uncle! I didn't think Blair was going to be able to wait to see him. He kept rushing me while I was eating dinner...I had to explain that now that Bronson was here he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon! But I still showed up at the hospital with heartburn because I had to shove my tacos down so fast!

What a cutie! I think he looks just like his mommy!