Blair. Nikki. Crew

Sunday, June 19, 2011

1st Father's Day!

Crew has the very best Daddy in the whole world! He takes such good care of him and Crew gets the biggest smile when daddy comes home!

Mommy and her favorite boy...

And today was my dad's 1st Grandpa's Day!! Crew helped him open presents and read his cards...

I'm so thankful for the men in my life. I thought I loved Blair before but watching him be a daddy to Crew makes me love him even more. I feel pretty lucky to have found him when I did. I love my hubby so much and I'm so grateful for all he does for our little family. I love my dad and I'm so thankful for the man he is and the example he is. He and my mom have always loved and supported us kids no matter and I'm so thankful their all mine for eternity. And of course I love my precious, handsome little mancub! He's truely the LIGHT of my life!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011



21 lbs 9 oz

26+ inches long

drinking 8 oz every 4ish hours

was sleeping through the night until last weeks cold & cough kicked in

smiling all the time and first big, long lasting giggle last weekend

looking all over and focusing on things

putting everything he can get his hands on in his mouth, but still trying to figure out how to work those hands

drooling like nobody's business

12 month clothes already

many outfits are only getting worn once

getting lots of hair

rolling over occasionally

loves reading books...he'll babble along with us telling us his version

loving his Missy at daycare

giving his mommy and daddy more JOY than they knew existed


First Sunday stroll of the summer....Crew loved it...and so did we! It's so nice to finally be able to get out and smell the fresh mountain air!


Probably the most handsome boy in the whole world....

I still get butterflies every time I look at this adorable face! What in the world did we do to deserve such a great baby? I still can't believe he's mine! Words can't even express the love I have for my little man cub...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dear Ashtyn,

Oh lovely Ashtyn, I miss you so much. I know we have only met once but it was love at first sight. I think you are so beautiful and I'm so glad that I finally got to meet mom has told me so much about you! I miss your long, wiggly legs, holding your hand and the way you would scoot across my living room floor. I miss the way you slobbered on my toys and flashed me that gorgeous smile with those 2 dazzling bottom teeth. I miss your beautiful Texas tan and the way you hated the Idaho cold. I hope that our next meeting won't be to long down the road. I'm trying to talk my daddy into bringing me down there to see you because I don't know if I can live without you! My mom says that we can get married someday because she loves your mommy so much she thinks they would have fun as mother-in-laws...those funny mommies! But seriously, let's get married someday. Ashtyn, I hope you are dreaming of me like I'm dreaming of you!

Your Handsome Prince Charming
Crew Jameson Goldade

Oh you silly girl...what a cute diaper bum you have!

I know my hair is just starting to come in...isn't it great!? My mommy likes it...

Thanks for coming to visit us Jana and Ashtyn! We love you both and hope we get to see you again soon!