Blair. Nikki. Crew

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Family Snowshoe

We decided to set out on an adventure the other day since we'd gotten so much new snow. We headed out to Mink Creek which is only about 15 minutes out of town. We straped on the snowshoes and had a great little hike.
The weather was beautiful! A perfect day to spend outside. The snow was so deep that Gibson got quit the work out jumping out of the drifts. He seemed to beat us up the trail though.
Before the big fall! It was hilarious...Blair was buried! And Gibson went full out to go help tackle him while he was still down! Too funny!
Here's me and Gib headed up the trail...aren't my new gloves sweet! And I just love my pink snowshoes! Thanks honey!

Once there was a snowman...with boobs and a mohawk?

BLAIR: "Nik........someone's at the door for you!!"
NIKKI: "Who is it?"
BLAIR: "I don't know...just come to the door!"

That's a little bit how this went...But when I arrived at the door...there wasn't someone for me...there was snowwoman waiting for me! We got tons and tons of new snow the other day, and while Blair was shoveling the walks he built me this cute new friend. Sorry to wasn't meant to be. With a few warm days my friend turned to a puddle of water on the walk way...and Gibson had fun playing fetch with her arms! Blair is such a witty, funny guy. For those of you who haven't met him yet...just wait! We're constantly laughing in this house...he's so good to me!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Enrichment Night Success!!

Well for any of you out there that have served as an enrichment leader...I'm sure you can feel my pain! I was given the task of planning an activity for the month of February...and this is what we got! I came up with this little plan of making a Date Night Kit. And I owe all my inspiration to the mini Martinellie bottle. I saw it months ago and couldn't get over how freakin' cute it the mini bottle then started the craze! Normally for enrichment I plan for about 15 to 20 girls,so I'm thinking "No big deal...we can pull these date kits off no problem." Needless to say....we had a few more this time. I actually put together 60 kits! Let me tell you from experience...thats A LOT! Each kit included a mini sparkling cider bottle, 2 plastic champagne glasses, 5 tea light candles, 2 scratch love notes, a pack of gum, a pack of mints, a card, a blindfold, love cuffs, a bag of popcorn, a bag of bubble bath and a coupon book (that I made myself!). When I gave this to Blair for Valentine's it had a few other things in there I added when I got home...we won't share such things here! We decorated gallon size paint cans (thanks Blair for getting me such a great deal with your hookup at the paint store!) with scrapbook paper, ribbons, stickers, buttons, rhinestones, etc. It was a lot of work....but it really was a great success and we had a great turnout. I'm pretty sure when we go to church on Sunday there will be a lot of men with big grins on their face thanking me for such a great activity...that they also benefited from i'm sure! I'm now overflowing with enrichment stuff so if any of you out there need some ideas just let me know and I'd love to impart my knowledge of homemaking upon you!!