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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

27 years old....that SOUNDS old! Only 3 more years to 30!! That's the weirdest thing to wrap my head around. Blair did a smashing job making my day fabulous this year. I came home to find the living room decorated and a homemade (well, from a box) cake with 27 candles. To fun! Then he took me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then he told me we could do anything I wanted to do. It didn't take much though...I wanted to go to Costco! (It just opened last week and I've already been twice!!) So we went to Costco and bummed around. It was fun to just spend some time's been crazy lately and it seems like there just aren't enough hours in a day!

My good friend also stopped by with a birthday gift (which Ms. Hailey, you did not need to do!)...and I love my new ipod headphones and photo albums. I got some money from the folks...thanks mom and dad!! I got a mall gift card from the in-laws...thanks Bri and Lori! Shelly took me out for a girls afternoon complete with lunch at Chili's and pedicures. Shelly, you're a life saver...I needed a day of pampering! Blair got me a new Nikon Coolpix camera and I LOVE IT!! It's so nice! He also gave me a gift certificate (he also made that) good for one craft room! I'm so excited. He's going to fix up the room downstairs and turn it into a craft place for me! YAY!!!! I asked him how soon I could cash that in...I'm so pumped about it I don't know if I can wait! It was a great birthday...even if it did put me one year closer to 30! Thanks everyone!! I love you all!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

On Sunday we spent the evening with Garrett and Shelly carving pumpkins. It was so much fun...although I don't remember it being so hard! It must have been because when I was little after getting our fill of playing with the pumpkin guts, mom and dad took care of the cleaning. We had lots of laughs and ended with tons of pumpkin seeds to cook up.

This is mine...I'm so artistic!

Just a little shot of Blair's and mine out on the step that night. It's been lots of years since I've done this and I forget how fun it is to light them up at nights!

Posing with my masterpiece! I'm so proud!

WOW...the resemblance is uncanny. It's amazing how accurate he got that!

Just a pic of our front step. Thanks mom and dad for the super cute tiny straw bales and the pumpkins from the garden.

And just a little kiss goodnight. I was somewhat worried that some evil little devil may come by and steal them and horrifically smash them in the road...but so far my little pumpky is safe and sound. I remember one Halloween when I worked to hard to paint a pumpkin (it even had yarn for hair) and some super mean kids came and smashed it in the road...right in front of me! The tears immediately started pouring and my dad immediately started to scream and them and chase them down the street. It couldn't have been a pretty sight when he caught them! Thanks dad...for not letting my pumpkin die in vain!

Who Shot the Sheriff?

So we had the awesomest time at our friends on Saturday for a murder mystery dinner. Brody and Katie put on quite the party. It was a wild west theme and took place in Lil's Lucky Saloon (aka their living room decorated like a saloon). I was Lily White, Saloon owner. So I got to read this cute little script for welcoming everyone and then all of the sudden...BANG! BANG! and here goes;
Lily (me): "Oh's the Sheriff....he's been shot and killed and he's fell from the balcony!"
And so proceeded the mystery of who done it?

Blair was Woody Box, undertaker and part owner in the local grave digging business. Apparently, since the sheriff came into town and cleaned it up business has been a bit slow for Woody...not to many people dying in shoot outs anymore. That dang sheriff....messin' with Woody's business...could this be motive for shootin' the sheriff?

Lily White, who was having a passionate affair with the sheriff until he recently dumped her for a dancer in Lil's saloon, that little hussy Scarlet Oh'LahLah. Lily is now heartbroken...she loved that sheriff! Could this be motive for Lily to off the Sheriff?

This is the super cute table that Blaze F. Glory (aka Katie) had set up for dinner. I thought that the pie tins we the perfect touch. Not to mention the moonshine (water) and root beer. We ate white chicken chili with tortilla chips...and it was delicious! Katie...I need to recipe! We also had
some great homemade biscuits with the tastiest Miller Cinnamon Honey Butter.

Here's all of our clues to figure out who shot the sheriff...turns out the sheriff had some pretty good secrets he was keeping. It could be anyone at the party!!

Here's the fearless group of detectives. The banker Ace Lender (aka Brody) shot the sheriff. Turns out, the sheriff had robbed a bank a while back and hide the money under the bankers name in Dodge City Bank. If anything were to happen to the sheriff, 90% of the money was to go to the sheriff's mother and 10% was for the banker for taking care of the money. I guess ole' Ace got a little greedy and decided to get rid of the sheriff and keep all the money for himself...since he's the only one that knew it existed.

Looks like Lily got over that sheriff and all his tomfoolery pretty quickly and took up with Woody Box. I mean, who really can resist that mustache?
The party was GREAT...we had a wonderful time and decided maybe we needed to do one of those as well. And, I think we had just as much fun putting together our costumes as we did at the party.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sweetheart Tag





WHO IS TALLER? um, Blair (6'6)

WHO CAN SING BEST ? Probably me...only when i'm alone driving or in the shower!!

WHO IS SMARTER ? I think we both think we're smarter than the other

WHO DOES LAUNDRY ? mostly ME...Blair doesn't quite understand the idea of "sorting colors"

WHO PAYS BILLS ? mostly me...he helps sometimes

WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED ? Well, if you're laying the bed Blair does, but if you're looking at the bed...I do!! =)

Who mows the lawn? both of us. Neither one of us minds doing it.

Who cooks dinner ? ME...sometimes...not as much as I should

Who is 1st to Admit there wrong? Were both pretty stubborn, but he usually comes crawling back first!

Who kissed who first? Blair kissed me first

Who wears the pants? I like to make Blair think that he does...but we all know the wife does when it comes down to it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another FAB Retreat & Oh, yeah...opening day for hunting season...yipee!?

It was time again for the scrapbooking retreat at Red Moose Lodge in Eden, UT. This time Hailey, Andrea, McKenzie and I headed out with a suburban packed with totes of scrapin' stuff. But the trip wouldn't be complete without some shopping! We left Friday morning so we'd have plenty of time to shop before heading to the lodge. Let's just say by the time all the shopping was complete on Saturday, you couldn't see out the back of the burb!! We crammed the back of that vehicle over every square inch! It was so much fun...

Here's our table as we're getting didn't stay this orderly for even a second. We got tons of projects done...along with lots of eating and talking!! We only made it to 12:30 am before our brains were dead and we couldn't think anymore.

Here's Hailey showing a bit of her mad skills. This girl can whip out cards like nothing else.

We decided to dine at the Mayan after we left the retreat on Saturday. Hailey hadn't ever been so we had to give her the experience. It was actually better food this time than the last time I was there, and you gotta love the divers!

The retreat was awesome...but I must admit...the highlight of this trip is that I got to go to IKEA for the first time! It was crazy fun...I wanna go again ASAP! I loved it.

It worked out great that the retreat fell on that weekend because Blair spent his weekend hunting (of course) since it was opening season. He didn't get anything which means...I continue to be a "hunting widow" until the end of the season or until he gets one. He said "Well, I saw a lot of 2 points...but I'm waiting for a monster!" I say "Just shoot the 2 point and let's be done!"...until bear season anyway! I almost wonder if he doesn't shoot one the first day on purpose so he can keep going? I think these boys have figured that out. He did get snowed on though...thanks to the snowmobile trailer (sleeping quarters) and a wood stove they stayed warm, while at camp at least.

To good to be true!!

At our house Friday nights are TACO nights. It's just something my mom always did when we were growing up (probably cause they were quick and everyone was so busy!) I made that a tradition in our home too. And lately, I've been craving chicken tacos like crazy. So TACO nights have gone from Fridays to whatever night I can do them! They are so good! Wow...just looking at these pictures makes me want one NOW!! They're quick and easy so it makes it nice for evenings when I get home from work and haven't planned anything for dinner.

Step #1: I usually fry some chicken in olive oil and just season with salt and pepper. Then, fry up some corn tortillas and smear with sour cream. Load up with chicken (shredded).

Step #2: Smother with Herdez Verde sauce (green salsa, but the Herdez brand is best!)...the layer with some shredded cheese.

Step #3: Squeeze fresh limes (usually one slice with do a couple tacos) and top it off with lettuce and tomatoes (except I don't like tomatoes, I leave those off!)...and EAT!!

I can usually out eat Blair on Taco nights....I love them that much!! They are by far and away my favorite food!! If you give em' a try, let me know what you think!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Fun

So, last Sunday I spent the evening dancing to Thriller (yes-I know the whole dance!) and getting the house decked out for of my favorite times of year. I don't know if I like it so much because it's super fun or because it means my birthday is coming?! The older I get though, I start to think not so much the birthday but all the yummy candy! We're going through Cinnamon Devils like none other!! Next to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite for decorating. I keep telling Blair that I need a bigger house...I'm running out of decorating room and wall space! He says that means I need to stop buying stuff...what does he know!?

This year I got some new witch stuff that is so cute because it's a lot of glitter and purple...a nice addition to only black and orange. There's also a lot of "wicked witch from the east" stuff with the red and white striped socks. It's super cute!

Basically for the next three months the decor in our house changes often. We go from Halloween to fall and Thanksgiving to CHRISTMAS!!! I think it's an addiction that I have for home decor...I can't seem to stop!

Brake for Breakfast

Wow! I'm kinda behind on's been a busy couple weeks. On October 1st Portneuf and the the hospital co-op held the 9th annual Brake for Breakfast. It's an awesome event that helps spread the word on breast cancer and health awareness. We figured that we had 2,000 people drive through this year. It's held on the hospital campus and there's a drive through where people can come get free breakfast, a packet of TONS of information on upcoming events and breast cancer awareness, and a cute pink cosmetic bag with a pink ribbon magnet for their car and a pink ribbon lapel pin. There were a few of us on the committee that planned and organized the event. That event alone kept me extremely busy for a couple months but I was proud to be a part of it. My morning started bright and early at 4 am. Well, actually not to bright that time of the you can see we were still in the dark when the event started at 7 am. The radio station came and did a live broadcast with lots of interviews from Oncologist and breast cancer survivors. That's me with Paul Anderson, the DJ for the morning show. He's a super cool guy and it was fun working with him that morning! All in all, it was a huge success. I was pretty fortunate to be a part of it. They were hinting that next year it may be MY event...I'm feeling a little sick about it already. It will be the 10th annual event so it's gonna have to be big...i'm already thinking of some fun stuff to do. We'll have to wait and see.